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Welcome to Pubsearch

PubSearch is a literature curation management system designed to store and manage the available literature for an organism or system of interest. It provides database curators with a powerful literature search capability, stores relevant biological information, creates automatic associations between the biological information and the literature, and provides a user-friendly web interface for manual validation and curation. PubSearch is based on a simple MySQL relational database for the back-end, and Java Servlet and Java Server Pages for the API and front-end applications.

PubSearch is extensible, allowing new biological objects of interest to be added, and flexible, allowing programming of different curation strategies. It is currently used for curating biological information for the model organism database for Arabidopsis thaliana, TAIR. The system can be easily adapted for extracting and curating information from the literature for any model organism database. PubSearch is one of the Generic Model Organism Database (GMOD) toolkits and is freely available from the GMOD site at An installation guide is also available from

Recent Changes

A detailed list of changes is documented in CHANGES.

Database Statistics

99493 articles   date synchronized with TAIR 2023-09-29
64289 genes   date synchronized with TAIR 2023-10-01
1536221 terms (19 temporary)   date synchronized with TAIR 2023-09-24
846191 annotations   date synchronized with TAIR 2023-10-01

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